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Big thanks to Simon Cooper – Head of Recruitment for Blackburn Rovers F.C. for his fantastic contribution.

Questions answered in this first video (1 of 4):

  • What was your background and pathway into coaching?
  • So you have built different skill-sets from different jobs before entering professional coaching…
  • What were your qualifications along the way?
  • Which coaches have inspired your journey?
  • So a lot of great coaches have not been pro’s themselves…

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Questions answered in the following videos:

  • Do qualifications set you up to be a great coach?
  • What are your thoughts on motivation?
  • What are the books / resources that have made an impact on you?
  • If your daughter was at Uni now and wanted to be a coach, what advice would you give her?
  • What skill-sets do you need to be a successful coach?
  • If starting again what advice would you give yourself – the younger you?
  • What would be your top tip for all coaches?
  • Bonus – can you train your brain differently?