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100% Money Back Guarantee

We can offer the 100% Money Back Guarantee, because we are 100% confident that you will never want too! 

On a serious note, if after 12 months of membership, you don’t feel like you have had value from the network or saved at least the membership amount from the discounts from Partners, then we will happily refund the full amount that you paid to join. 

The period is 12 months as some members will take some time to make a number of purchases. 

Who can become a member of SportingNetwork?

1. Any sports person over the age of 18 that wants to work in the sports industry in almost any sporting capacity – join as a member a member and then it’s free to utilise the service.

NB Sporting Organisation members take their recruitment procedures (experience, qualifications and safeguarding etc.) very seriously so have your personal information available to avoid disappointment.

2. Any sports organisations wishing to recruit the best talent quickly and easily can become members – again register and then it’s free to utilise the service. Even our recruitment and safeguarding guidance is free for you to use.

3. Partner organisations (that serve sports professionals and sporting organisations) e.g. kit suppliers, venue provision etc. have to apply to SportingNetwork for membership. This is to make sure that the service standards are high and that great value can be offered to sports professionals and sports organisations. If you are interested in becoming a Partner organisation, please email Partners@sportingnetwork.co.uk for more information.

What advice do you have in terms of my profile?

You are required to add core information such as sport specialisation, your postcode, distance you are prepared to travel etc. Information above and beyond this is always up to you, but our general advice is that the more detail you provide the better – the system will guide you to make this process as simple as possible. Testimonials and photos are also great and often a way to secure the best opportunities.

How does SportingNetwork validate and match members?

SportingNetwork intends to make the whole process as easy as possible for everyone by making data capture simple. Then carefully designed algorithms ensure that the best sports people are matched to the appropriate sporting organisations.

Legally, the sporting organisations that are recruiting have to vet their staff very carefully. Although we offer guidelines and practical support, this is 100% their responsibility which they take very seriously; therefore, sporting people are advised to enter their profile information carefully because it will be vetted and if inaccurate or dishonest, sporting organisations will be encouraged to report on this so that sporting people can be removed from the site where appropriate.

What about data protection?

Initial search results will only reveal your name and your image (always good to upload one). Your additional personal details will not be shared with anyone or any organisation without your explicit permission at the point that you review the opportunity.

For role opportunities, sporting organisations will contact the sporting people via email through the SportingNetwork system (unaware of the actual email address). Only when the sports professional follows the link from the email and clicks “YES” within the Site (that they wish to be considered for the opportunity), will the sporting organisation have access to the additional personal contact details and profile. The sports people can remove this Sporting Organisation access at any time when logged in, in their profile section.

What if I have been given unfair feedback by a sporting organisation that I have worked for?

Firstly, contact the sporting organisation and talk it through and try to resolve it with them directly and get them to amend as appropriate. (SportingNetwork will only support if you have tried to engage with the sporting organisation in the first instance).

If you cannot resolve directly and the sporting organisation will not edit the feedback and you still think that it is unfair, then please contact Disputes@SportingNetwork.co.uk Where the sporting organisation has evidence to justify the feedback then the feedback will be kept in place. If there is no recorded evidence, then the feedback will be removed.

What if I want to register as another type of coach (I am qualified in more than one area)?

Please use an alternative email and register twice.

For future roadmap developments, we will look to make this easier for you in future, if there is sufficient demand for multiple registrations.

What if I want to register as a Sports Person and as a Sports Organisation?

Please use an alternative email and register twice.

How is feedback managed?

Feedback is encouraged for Sporting Person and for Partners. Feedback consists of a Star Rating – 1 star Bad through to 5 stars Excellent.

It is also possible to leave free text comments too. ( Note: Please do not enter any sensitive personal information such as financial or medical details and do not refer to other people that could be identified from your information – we have to keep everyone’s data and security safe.)

After submitting feedback it will be reviewed for suitability (language etc.) before it is made live on the site.

Inappropriate feedback submissions will be deleted.

What if I work in an area that is not listed?

We are building the scope of the system all the time and so if you can’t find the area relevant for you on the site please email us at Support@SportingNetwork.co.uk and if we feel there is a sufficient market for this sporting area, we will set it up for you. Thanks