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Global Policing is here to help you keep your business compliant.

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Global Policing is offering SportingNetwork members discounted rates for first aid courses, which work out about half price of other major competitors.

CONTACT US TO GET A DISCOUNTED QUOTE email GlobalPolicing@SportingNetwork.co.uk


Global Policing can help with all data protection matters, including training, audits, data access requests, breach investigations and much more…

CONTACT US FOR A FREE DATA PROTECTION REVIEW  email GlobalPolicing@SportingNetwork.co.uk

About Global Policing

Global Policing are a team of experts with policing, corporate and and educational backgrounds who have brought their knowledge and experience together to provide a range of data protection services to organisations.

Global Policing offer a large range of other services to do with crime, the law, security and safety.

Mr O’Neill (Chief Exec of Global Policing) retired from the police after serving 16 years. He progressed very quickly in the police to the rank of Chief Inspector and has held many significant senior roles within the police.

For more information on how to reduce your operational risk, please email GlobalPolicing@SportingNetwork.co.uk.

Have a discussion on your particular requirements and get a free, no obligation quote – it’s likely to be cheaper than you think – and a lot cheaper than employing a Data Protection Manager!