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The Sales Accelerator Programme

What is it and what are you going to get?

This programme has been designed to make implementing the Formula and 50 sales and marketing strategies (that has taken 20+ years to develop) an absolute piece of cake.

You will receive:

1. The Core Asset Vault – 24/7 access (Worth £797 per month)

The Vault has been designed to give you step-by-step and practical instructions which you can apply immediately to your business, enabling you to build an incredibly successful business in the shortest time possible.

There are many books and theories about how to ‘grow’ and ‘market’ businesses. But most of them fall well short of their goal. They tell you what to do, but only give sketchy details on how to do it. And they concentrate on historic sales and marketing techniques – many of which don’t actually work now for most small and
medium sized businesses.

And they NEVER tell you what to prioritise first, what to do second, what to do third… and so on! Now, you can relax in the knowledge that you know exactly what to do and how to do it.


2 The Sales Accelerator Templates (Worth £397 per month)

To help you move at speed, you also have access to fill in the blank templates.

Each one is proven and could be worth £000s of sales income for your business. You don’t need Sales and Marketing experience and you don’t need to study anything with these – it’s already done and included for you. 

It would take you years and cost £000s to develop these proven tactics and strategies for yourself. Clone success in a fraction of the time – time is money.

Now you have the tools to quickly duplicate the Formula into your business – everything you need to transform your business right now.

3 Personal Growth Mentor (Worth £397 per month)

Most business owners also need a catalyst, a right hand person to help make the change happen. It’s no coincidence that the most successful people in the world work with mentors by their side.

Experts in their field that act as sounding boards, that inspire, that energise AND that hold you accountable to the change that you are committed to making.

Our Personal Growth Mentors have been fully trained in all areas of The Formula, The Roadmap, the Scientific Marketing Makeover and the Vault.

As you know, expert support is expensive. However, because we have packaged so much value together within this programme, the Personal Growth Mentor becomes unbelievably great value for money.

And remember the guarantee – if you are not really happy after 30 days, we don’t get paid a penny!

So get ready to be pushed (in a nice way). Every month you will get access to a 45 minute online session on any topic you wish to pursue.

You will be encouraged to push further than you ever thought possible and if you decide to invest in your personal development and your businesses future – then the outcomes will be transformational.

4 Scientific Marketing Makeover (Worth £297 per month)

Simply send us one tactic or marketing piece (e.g. website home page) and we will show you exactly how to make it the best it can be. The results of the makeover transformations account for significant improvements in sales and profits.

Never again launch a marketing piece with your fingers crossed hoping it will work! This system and service is a safety mechanism that makes sure that everything you do in the future will be effective and will generate the best returns on your sales and marketing efforts.

No more wasted time or effort and most importantly, no more wasted money.

5 Personal Support Package with Accelerator Webinars (Worth £1,294 per month)

Accelerate Webinars:

Every month Steve undertakes a 30 – 45 minute webinar that you can either tune in live to or watch the recording at your leisure. This is personal time with Steve where he is helping you to grow your business and accelerate your sales.

He drills deep into a tactic or strategy to help you better understand what is really possible and where relevant, you will then be able to go ahead and utilise the Sales Accelerator Templates and embed easily into your own business.

Launch Pad Training:

You are also going to get full access to the 21 day Launch Pad Training Programme, again delivered by Steve. This is to make sure that you get the very best from the Vault and the entire system. After being in the business growth and marketing space for over two decades, Steve is genuinely confident that there isn’t another training course out there that is more comprehensive or that has been designed to make it as easy for you to implement.

Over the 21 days you get bite sized assignments to complete to move your business on and on. The future success of your business is in really safe hands because you’ll be getting the best training possible on how to get the best from The Core Asset and the Formula.

In Summary, the value is huge, but the monthly cost is only £397 AND you have 30 days to test it – with ZERO Risk.

You will be able to transform your business cost effectively (e.g. you don’t need to spend a fortune on Facebook ads). 29 / 50 tactics and strategies do NOT require additional investment – so you can start to make a massive improvement to your business and income immediately.

You will be able to master Sales and Marketing before you know it, it will start to become a natural part of your business skill-set – won’t that be nice! You will start to notice all the sales and marketing around you and know what is good and what isn’t. It becomes fun!

You can achieve this regardless of your skills or experience in sales and marketing because the development and training has been designed on proven activity and a systematic, step by step approach.

It’s not magic as you still have to put the effort in – but working on things that you KNOW work and driving towards the success of your own business is not work at all! If you are not passionate and dedicated towards the success and development of your skills and your business, then this is NOT for you – no programme will be – don’t waste your time or ours.

However, if you are dedicated, you will finally be able to take your business where you want it to go along with all the benefits that go along with that – including being the master of your own destiny and not being told what to do and how to do it every second of every day (as SME business owners – this is our absolute worst nightmare!).

A common theme among small and medium sized businesses is “I know that I have a brilliant set of products and services, I just can’t seem to get that message out there”.

We feel trapped because when you go to a sales and marketing agency they are looking for £100,000 to get your brand and your business recognised.

If you want other people to do this for you, then dig deep in your pockets and re-mortgage your house (definitely do not do this) OR take responsibility and do this yourself with the support of a mentor who is also dedicated to your success.

The excuse that “I can’t do this and it’s too expensive, I will just have to struggle on” is no longer justifiable because the Sales Accelerator Service through SportingNetwork is a REAL solution.

And “just struggle on” is no longer an option either. The world is facing a huge recession – do you think your business will be immune? Do not stick your head in the sand – You have to do something, the status quo is not an option.

What are you going to do?

In our minds, the Sales Accelerator Programme is the ideal solution as we are sports focused AND not only that, but it is 100% risk free – yes read that again.  See the options below, but one of the options is to take advantage of all these benefits for 29 days and if you don’t see the benefits and absolute value for money, then ask for a full (no quibble) money back refund. We are giving you this peace of mind because we believe 100% in this system and the support you will get.

If you are serious about the future of your business, then you need to take advantage of this service and this offer.

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Join the Programme here. The value is genuine and you have nothing to lose as there is a genuine 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

To see all the elements and benefits of the programme explained in detail – watch one of Steve’s recorded Webinars.

Register Now

Join the Programme here. The value is genuine and you have nothing to lose as there is a genuine 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.