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Sports Organisations

Efficient communication makes the recruiting process simpler; support with the safeguarding processes is a big help too!

Tell us what you need

Answer a few specific questions so that we match your needs to the right sports person for your job.

By asking the savvy questions, SportingNetwork helps you to find the right sports person quickly, to save you time and money.

You select the sports person(s) from the shortlist that we provide for you (smart algorithms really make the process a lot simpler for you) so that you only send your job request to the sports person(s) that are relevant for you – you have complete control.

When you are ready, we share your request to the relevant sports person(s). Those that are then interested share their contact details with you so that you can then pick up the engagement and recruitment process with them directly.

Interview and vet.

SportingNetwork automates your requests out to the matching sports person(s) as soon as you select from the shortlist and press go. You should get your first responses and detailed profile access very quickly. (You can specify a response timeframe within the role information if that is important to you).

It is legally the sporting organisation’s responsibility to thoroughly vet the applicants before they start work – to validate that they are suitable, legal and safe to undertake the role. Checks need to be robust in the areas of identification, right to work in the UK and safeguarding. This is in no way the responsibility of SportingNetwork. However, safety and governance needs to be a #1 priority for us all within the SportingNetwork. Therefore, if you identify concerns with regards to a Sports Person’s conduct, references or issues that are highlighted through their DBS check, please email immediately. Together, we can make the sporting environment a safer place.

Note: a shortlist and then an interest from a sports person does not equate to a recommendation from SportingNetwork.

Expect great service

After you have hired and worked with the sports person for some time, please review their work and provide a fair feedback on the SportingNetwork site so that you can support the wider membership with regards to future placements.

Note: any negative feedback should be evidence based, so please keep records of the problem areas that relate to the poor feedback.