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Sports Person

Create your service profile

It’s easy to create your profile on SportingNetwork. Select your sport, levels of expertise, experience and qualifications and within a few minutes you can let SportingNetwork get to work promoting you (use your experience and qualifications to secure the best rates in the market) – no charges for you to pick up the best opportunities. (They are the best opportunities because the sports businesses don’t get charged for this service either – so it makes sense to post on SportingNetwork.)

SportingNetwork works for you

By setting your individual preferences e.g. distance to travel and availability etc. you will only be connected to the opportunities you are interested in.

Opportunities come into your inbox and you then decide if you want to engage with the sporting organisation, or not, based on the specifics of the opportunity. Again no charges for you at all for this service (once you have become a member).

Secure the opportunity

When you decide to pursue an opportunity (by clicking yes in the opportunity email), you authorise SportingNetwork to share your contact details so that you can communicate directly with the customer / sporting organisation via email or telephone. (The recruitment process, safeguarding and payment processes are all managed between you and the customer directly so everything is kept as simple as possible).