What Others Think | SportingNetwork

Stacey Copeland – Commonwealth Boxing Champion & Ex England Footballer
Recorded Jan 20

Simon Cooper – Head of Recruitment
Blackburn Rovers F.C.
Recorded Dec 19

SportingNetwork is a great idea. With our new club we are finding it difficult to attract coaches. We have sourced some unqualified dads who are going on FA level 1 courses over the next few weeks but we need qualified and experienced coaches to provide the kick start we really need. Stephen Howarth

Founder and Secretary of a grassroots football club

SportingNetwork sounds like a great idea! We should all be looking to develop and get support from each other – it’s key. Gary Prescott

Teacher and Sports Coach

I am already part of a dance coach cover system which really does help us. A coaches website like SportingNewtwork will really benefit us and other coaching companies and schools. Ryan Owen

MD of a Sports Coaching Business ‘Ultimate Kids Coaching’